19-40 Segment 1: Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

Fluoride in community drinking water has been controversial since its introduction nearly 75 years ago. A new study adds to this with evidence that pregnant women who drink fluoridated water may produce children with slightly lowered IQ. The study author and two other experts discuss what’s known and what the ramifications of the study could be for communities, for oral health, and for children.

16-16 Segment 1: Direct to Consumer Drug Advertising

Experts discuss the pro's and cons of direct to consumer advertising and its effect on patients and physicians.

16-07 Segment 1: Industry Funding of Clinical Trials

Funding of trials has dramatically shifted so that today, trials paid for by pharmaceutical and device makers outnumber publically funded trials 6-to-1. Some studies indicate this makes bias in trials more likely.