TBI’s, Personality Change, and Marriage

Traumatic brain injury can profoundly change the injured in personality and temperament, as well as physically and cognitively. Spouses bear the brunt of these changes to the point many feel like they’re living with a stranger. Two experts and the spouse of a TBI victim discuss the many ways life changes after an injury and what can help to get them through the ordeal.

Knee Replacements

Knee replacements are successful for 80 percent of recipients, yet many assume the success rate should be higher. Those who are not successful often are bitterly disappointed. However, patients and physicians can take steps to avoid a bad result. New techniques also offer much faster recovery. Experts discuss.

17-53 Segment 1: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome affects about 10% of American women, but has such a wide variety of troubling symptoms that it’s often misdiagnosed.

15-47 Segment 2: Doctors’ clothes: Reason to Change?

  Synopsis: Controversy has broken out over the doctor's traditional white lab coat and necktie. Some doctors say physicians should wear short sleeves instead because coats carry germs. Others maintain the white coat isn't a germ colony, but rather is a source of comfort for patients. Experts discuss. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Dr. Gonzalo Bearman, … Continue reading 15-47 Segment 2: Doctors’ clothes: Reason to Change?

15-45 Segment 1: Thermogenesis and weight loss

  Synopsis: The body uses extra calories to stay warm in cold conditions, creating heath through thermogenesis. However, it's only recently that scientists have discovered one of the mechanisms the body uses for this--brown fat. Now they're learning how to harness brown fat for weight loss. Experts discuss. Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Dr. Aaron Cypess, … Continue reading 15-45 Segment 1: Thermogenesis and weight loss