Public Health Officials Resigning Under Pressure

Public Health Officials Resigning Under Pressure

State and local public health officials have been under pressure like never before in the COVID-19 pandemic, as citizens and elected officials push back against tough restrictions designed to curb the virus. Some officials have even been threatened. Feeling their bosses don’t have their backs, a higher proportion of officials are quitting than normal, and these essential jobs will be hard to fill with qualified health experts.

19-38 Segment 1: Heat and Violence

Heat and Violence

Violence increases as temperatures rise in the summer, but are higher temperatures a cause of aggression? New research shows that the answer is yes, especially in family conflict, and that poor neighborhoods bear the brunt of the relationship. Researchers discuss the synergy between poverty, heat, and aggression, and speculate that a warmer world in the future could be a more violent one.

16-02 Segment 1: Violence against healthcare workers

Experts discuss why attacks on health care workers occur and what can be done to prevent attacks in the future.