17-40 Segment 1: A Possible Treatment For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Researchers explain experiments on animals with a new treatment that could eliminate fetal alcohol syndrome, perhaps even after birth.

woman in deep depression lying alone

16-48 Segment 1: Inflammation and Depression

Inflammation, which is part of many illnesses and infections, has been found in brain cells and is being implicated as a cause of depression.

homeless man sitting on the chair

16-42 Segment 2: Brain Injury and Homelessness

Research shows many homeless men have suffered a traumatic brain injury, raising the possibility that TBIs may cause behaviors directly leading to homelessness.

16-03 Segment 2: Lactivism

An expert and author discuss the political forces creating unusual unanimity behind breast feeding, and the truth of health claims on the benefits.

15-17 Story 2: Neuroplasticity

  Synopsis: Since the dawn of medicine, doctors have believed that, once injured, the brain could not heal. Now they've learned that the brain can heal, and are beginning to tap ways to make it heal better and faster. Experts explain. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Norman Doidge, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Columbia … Continue reading 15-17 Story 2: Neuroplasticity

15-16 Story 1: Too Many Vitamins?

  Synopsis: Vitamins are essential to our health, and most of those we need we can get through our diets. Many foods are fortified today. Standards for dietary minimums help prevent deficiency diseases, but little is known about whether it's possible to consume too many vitamins. Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Catherine Price, author, Vitamania: Our Obsessive … Continue reading 15-16 Story 1: Too Many Vitamins?