17-42 Segment 1: Why the Opposition To Later School Start Times?

Experts discuss how students and even the economy would benefit from later school start times and the reasons many people and school districts still oppose the change

17-38 Segment 1: Cutting Nicotine in Cigarettes

Experts explain the FDA's proposed plan to mandate a significant cut in the nicotine content of cigarettes to encourage them to move to healthier forms of nicotine distribution.

17-09 Segment 2: Eye Transplants: A Future Reality

Doctors are taking what they’ve learned in hand transplants, especially in nerve regeneration, and applying it to eye transplant development.

frightened hispanic family sitting on sofa and watching tv

16-43 Segment 2: The Benefits of Fear

During the Halloween season, many people seek out frightening experiences. This controlled fear has a psychological and developmental purpose, as an expert explains.