Rural Maternity Units Closing

A large number of hospitals in rural areas have closed, and many more have closed their maternity units, leaving many rural mothers-to-be with no nearby place to deliver their babies or even get prenatal care. Experts discuss the financial and demographic reasons behind these closures, the danger it presents to mothers and children, and some ways to counter the risk.

17-34 Segment 1: Rural Hospitals in Trouble

Experts discuss the need for rural healthcare and the close link between hospitals and community economics.

15-33 Segment 2: The Power of Tears

  Synopsis: Researchers are learning that tears shed for different reasons are chemically different. Emotional tears, for example, contain high levels of stress hormones, indicating they may be a way for the body to reduce stress. Experts discuss why it's good for people to cry. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. William Frey, University of Minnesota … Continue reading 15-33 Segment 2: The Power of Tears