17-38 Segment 1: Cutting Nicotine in Cigarettes

Experts explain the FDA's proposed plan to mandate a significant cut in the nicotine content of cigarettes to encourage them to move to healthier forms of nicotine distribution.

16-12 Segment 2: The High Health Cost of Sugar

One expert describes why he believes sugar is to blame for the obesity epidemic, and changes in the market and advisories that made sugar a larger part of our diets.

15-11 Story 2: Smart Bandages

  Synopsis: Hospitals and clinics often have to stock a huge variety of bandages and dressings to address the moisture needs of different kinds of wounds. Now a high-tech "smart dressing" can replace them. It absorbs moisture when necessary but can also supply the right amount of moisture in places where it's needed. Host: Nancy … Continue reading 15-11 Story 2: Smart Bandages