Why Parents Don’t Vaccinate

Measles had been declared eliminated in 2000, but has come roaring back because of the increasing number of people who have not been vaccinated. Parents may have legitimate fears of side effects, but claims vaccines are unsafe are not true. Experts discuss the complicated psychological reasons vaccine refusal exists despite this, and what may help change minds to promote public health.

15-09 Story 2: Infant Sleep and Shaken Babies

  Synopsis:  New parents are often at wits' end when their baby won't sleep. Infants who won't sleep and cry inconsolably are also at major risk of being victims of shaken baby syndrome. Experts discuss the connection and ways babies can be more reliable sleepers. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Ronald Barr, Professor of Pediatrics, … Continue reading 15-09 Story 2: Infant Sleep and Shaken Babies