Symptom Searching on the Internet

One of the most popular searches on Google is for symptoms and what they mean. It’s created a much more well informed patient population, but one that may panic at the least pain or discomfort. Two experts discuss how to think of symptoms and how to search for them. 

Silent Heart Attack

Heart attacks that produce few if any symptoms may be mistaken for indigestion or simple malaise, but they can be more serious than heart attacks that bring crushing pain because they often don't bring a victim to the hospital for lifesaving help. Experts discuss.

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18-17 Segment 2: Curing Chronic Sinusitis

Many people confuse allergies, colds, and sinus infections. A physician specializing in these maladies describes the differences, and the new ways sinusitis can be treated.

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18-13 Segment 2: Teaching Doctors To Listen

Experts discuss how to help doctors better listen to their patients when diagnosing their illness in order to improve care plans and decrease healthcare costs.

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18-09 Segment 2: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Experts describe cyclic vomiting syndrome, and how the syndrome is often misdiagnosed and remains difficult to treat.

15-26 Segment 1: Bell’s Palsy

  Synopsis: Bell's palsy is a frightening malfunction in the nerve controlling half of the face that occurs for unknown reasons. Sufferers often think they're having a stroke. While Bell's palsy often resolves on its own, it can leave permanent effects. Experts and two people who've had the disorder discuss. Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Mandy, … Continue reading 15-26 Segment 1: Bell’s Palsy