Women, Alcohol, And Isolation

Women, Alcohol, And Isolation

The COVID-19 lockdown has triggered increased alcohol use in many people, and an alcohol use disorder in some. Help can be difficult to access, as face-to-face counseling and group sessions have been halted. For women, it can be even more difficult, as they are much more comfortable in more rare single-sex sharing situations. Two experts discuss today’s dangerous alcohol triggers and how to seek help.

18-32 Segment 1: Addiction, Relapse and Criminalization

After criminal convictions, many people with substance use disorder are placed on probation with the condition they remain completely drug free. They are often jailed when they relapse, setting back recovery and removing them from treatment that helps keep them clean. Is that fair, when relapse is a common symptom of their disease (and many others)?

18-21 Segment 1: Autism and Substance Abuse

Recent studies show that people with autism are twice as likely as others to engage in substance abuse, contrary to previous belief that they are extremely unlikely to use drugs or alcohol. An expert and an author who has used alcohol to cope with his autism discuss the developments and their impact.

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15-44 Segment 2: Almost Addicted

  Synopsis: People who use drugs, even those who are not addicted, are often destructively enabled by families. An expert explains why this occurs and what families have to do to break through their own denial as well as that of the user. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Dr. Wesley Boyd, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, … Continue reading 15-44 Segment 2: Almost Addicted