“Perfect Pitch”

The ability to "know" the musical pitch of any sound has traditionally been thought to be learnable only at a very early age through musical training. But new research shows perfect pitch is teachable to adults as well. Experts discuss the implications on all forms of learning.

15-29 Segment 2: The Joy of Singing

  Synopsis: Research shows that singing in a group has health benefits, as well as simply making people feel good. Experts and participants discuss this increasing singing trend in society, and how singing is being used to treat one serious disease. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Stacy Horn, author, Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing With Others; … Continue reading 15-29 Segment 2: The Joy of Singing

15-13 Story 1: Tone Deafness

  Synopsis: Millions of people can't carry a tune when they sing and believe they're tone deaf. However, most simply have trouble matching tones when they sing and would benefit from more practice. To the truly tone deaf person, all pitches sound alike. No amount of practice would help. Experts discuss the concept and offer … Continue reading 15-13 Story 1: Tone Deafness