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18-13 Segment 1: Sexually Abusive Doctors

The Dr. Larry Nasser case has publicized doctors who sexually abuse patients, but few doctors are ever punished. A reporter who investigated the official response to the problem and a physician who has worked on a sexual assault crisis line discuss the issue.

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18-06 Segment 1: Speaking Out on Sexual Harassment

Experts discuss the state of sexual harassment claims with more women speaking out, what makes these perpetrators more dangerous, and how to make legal claims stick.

17-39 Segment 1: Enlisting Men Against Sexual Assault

Experts discuss what can be done to enlist men to do much more to prevent sexual assault.

Coming Up On Radio Health Journal Show 17-39

A look at what is coming up on Radio Health Journal show 17-39.

15-33 Segment 1: Enlisting Men Against Sexual Assault

  Synopsis: Colleges are now required by Federal law to present anti-sexual assault training to new students, but rather than instilling "no means no," some experts think we need to do much more to enlist men to help prevent sexual assault. Experts discuss how it can be done by making men allies, rather than regarding … Continue reading 15-33 Segment 1: Enlisting Men Against Sexual Assault