18-18 Segment 1: Using Animals to Sniff Out Disease

Diseases apparently have distinctive odors that humans can't detect. Researchers are using dogs, mice, rats and other animals to literally sniff out cancer and other diseases in the laboratory. In the 3rd World, rats are used to diagnose TB. Experts discuss the use of animals to diagnose disease and their efforts to build machines that can do the same thing.

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15-22 Segment 2: The Science of Smell

  Synopsis: The sense of smell evokes powerful memories and makes food taste good, but it also has important functions in interpersonal relations and personal safety. Experts discuss the science behind it. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Charles Wysocki, Behavioral Neuroscientist Emeritus, Monell Chemical Senses Center; Neil Pasricha, author, The Book of Awesome Link for more … Continue reading 15-22 Segment 2: The Science of Smell