Covid And Choirs

Covid And Choirs

Scientists have discovered that singing is an exceptionally effective way to spread viruses through the aerosolized particles it expels, which may travel much farther than the six foot safety zone many people follow. This means choruses and choirs may not get back to “normal” after the COVI-19 pandemic until much later than most activities, and only with rapid, effective testing or a vaccine. Experts explain.

Medical Notes: Week of January 5, 2020

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of January 5, 2020, including two experimental drugs that show promise in women with certain types of breast cancer. Then, the federal communications commission has started the process to create a three-digit number similar to 9-1-1 that connects to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Then, it appears that teenagers aren’t very good at telling the difference between real and fake news, and finally, can magic mushrooms be used to treat depression?

19-40 Segment 1: Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

Fluoride in community drinking water has been controversial since its introduction nearly 75 years ago. A new study adds to this with evidence that pregnant women who drink fluoridated water may produce children with slightly lowered IQ. The study author and two other experts discuss what’s known and what the ramifications of the study could be for communities, for oral health, and for children.

TBI’s, Personality Change, and Marriage

Traumatic brain injury can profoundly change the injured in personality and temperament, as well as physically and cognitively. Spouses bear the brunt of these changes to the point many feel like they’re living with a stranger. Two experts and the spouse of a TBI victim discuss the many ways life changes after an injury and what can help to get them through the ordeal.

School Crossing Safety

With the school year approaching, drivers need to be aware of children in crosswalks—and away from them. However, increasing distractions for both pedestrians and drivers sometimes make that difficult. A safety expert and a veteran school crossing guard—the nation’s “favorite crossing guard”-- discuss.

18-46 Segment 1: Reporting “Bad Parents”

Just about anyone can report a parent to a child abuse hotline. It’s meant to protect children, but all too often, parents are reported when no abuse or neglect exists in order to retaliate for a divorce or some other grievance. And though the world is actually safer for children than it used to be, some parents are reported for merely letting children play outside or walk to school without an adult in attendance, what was once thought of as normal. Some activists say this robs children of independence. An expert and a woman who went through an unjustified child abuse investigation discuss.

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18-10 Segment 1: Overdoing School Lockdown Drills

A noted expert discusses how schools may be making lockdown drills too realistic, how they affect students, where they go wrong, and what they should do to be more effective.

a man in a autonomous driving test vehicle

16-46 Segment 1: The Safety of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are being developed more rapidly than most experts thought possible. But even if they’re technically possible, can we be assured of their safety?

15-33 Segment 1: Enlisting Men Against Sexual Assault

  Synopsis: Colleges are now required by Federal law to present anti-sexual assault training to new students, but rather than instilling "no means no," some experts think we need to do much more to enlist men to help prevent sexual assault. Experts discuss how it can be done by making men allies, rather than regarding … Continue reading 15-33 Segment 1: Enlisting Men Against Sexual Assault