Medical Notes 17-10

A quick look at important medical, health and science headlines for the week of March 5.

man showing his personality in many different faces

16-50 Segment 1: Drug Abuse and Personality

New science has discovered that certain personality types are predictably predisposed to addiction risk, and that educational efforts can be targeted to them effectively.

16-50 Segment 2: God and Genome

Experts discuss a new platform where scientists and public can debate genetic science, and from which education can be disseminated.

16-47 Segment 1: Restoring Doctors’ Compassion

A new movement in medicine seeks to put compassion back in medicine.

16-47 Segment 2: PBC: Liver Autoimmune Disease

A variety of liver diseases may cause test results that mimic alcohol-related cirrhosis. One, known as PBC, is the second largest reason for liver transplants in women.

16-38 Segment 1: Epi-Pen Price Hikes

Synopsis: The Epi-Pen brand has become synonymous with epinephrine injectors, which can save the life of a person suffering a severe allergic reaction. Recently there’s been outcry over large price hikes for the devices, which have forced some people to seek other alternatives or go without. Experts discuss the economics involved and what patients can … Continue reading 16-38 Segment 1: Epi-Pen Price Hikes

16-38 Segment 2: Homesickness

Synopsis: What we now call “homesickness” used to be a medical diagnosis called “nostalgia,” and it was considered life-threatening. Today many people consider homesickness to be a childish emotion, but an expert says it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all suffer from it sometime and need to know how to cope. Stay in the … Continue reading 16-38 Segment 2: Homesickness

16-37 Segment 2: Gossip

Synopsis: Most people regard gossip with disdain. While backbiting, vicious slander is usually disruptive, researchers have found that informational gossip has benefits for society by keeping people in line with societal norms. Experts discuss. Stay in the loop! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Subscribe and review on iTunes! Guests: Dr. Robb Willer, Prof. of … Continue reading 16-37 Segment 2: Gossip

drinking pregnant mother on a over dramatic dark light background

16-36 Segment 1: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Experts explain how better prevention efforts for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder could greatly reduce a wide variety of social problems.

young african male dreaming in bed in front of alarm clock

16-36 Segment 2: Lucid Dreams

The dreaming brain is nearly as active as it is when we are awake. Experts discuss ways to shape dreams to help solve problems.

16-35 Segment 1: SCAD: The under-the-radar heart attack

Experts discuss heart attacks, known as SCAD, that are caused by arteries splitting open rather than blockages.

16-35 Segment 2: The Haitian Cholera Coverup

Experts discuss how a cholera epidemic in Haiti is linked to UN peacekeeping groups and lessons for future disaster recovery.

doctor measuring obese man waist body fat. obesity and weight loss.

16-34 Segment 1: Doctors’ Obesity Bias

Studies show that doctors are as biased as the rest of us against people who are overweight, resulting in lectures, misdiagnoses, and patients who avoid the doctor.

funny colorful socks

16-34 Segment 2: Miscommunication & Color Energy

Scott Schwefel, author of Discover Yourself discusses an innovative way to classify communication styles to avoid miscommunication and conflict.

cheeky preschool child with golden crown on head folding arms and sticking out tongue

16-33 Segment 1: Rethinking Parenting

Author Alfie Kohn discusses why conventional wisdom about raising kids is often all wrong.