Online dating app against smiling asian woman on couch using laptop

17-06 Segment 1: The Psychology of Online Dating

A psychologist explains research showing most users take the wrong approach when seeking a good match online, and how to better their odds of finding true love.

Close up of an American football on the field, players in the background

17-06 Segment 2: NFL Team Doctors: In Whose Interest?

Injured NFL players are treated by doctors employed by teams, but a Harvard study claims there is an inherent conflict of interest in that arrangement.

medical team meeting with senior couple in hospital room

17-01 Segment 2: Reversing the Shortage in Primary Care Doctors

The shortage in primary care doctors is getting worse. We talk to Dr. Elizabeth Baxley about how to keep medical students in primary care.

Health Insurance Protection Risk Assessment Assurance Concept

16-51 Segment 1: Healthcare Under Trump: What To Expect

Experts discuss what kind of healthcare reform to expect from the incoming Trump Administration.

Female teacher reprimanding a female student

16-51 Segment 2: Affluenza

Some young people have escaped jail by claiming “affluenza:” their wealthy parents instilled no moral compass, so they believed they could do anything without consequence.