funny colorful socks

16-34 Segment 2: Miscommunication & Color Energy

Scott Schwefel, author of Discover Yourself discusses an innovative way to classify communication styles to avoid miscommunication and conflict.

Soldiers in combat

16-27 Segment 1: The Technology of Warfare

A noted investigative journalist explains the less well known side of military research.

Uncertain doctor

16-27 Segment 2: Uncertainty in Medicine

Diagnostic tests are often less certain in their results than people think, making patients sometimes doubt doctors' competence.

Happy Woman

16-22 Segment 2: Hardwiring Happiness

An expert neurologist discusses changes in thinking that can create more positive physical brain pathways, making us happier.

16-21 Segment 2: Bladder Cancer

The newly appointed director of the world's only research center devoted exclusively to bladder cancer discusses risks and treatments.