What Determines Our Food Preferences?

What Determines Our Food Preferences?

Scientists are discovering that our food preferences are much more than a matter of taste, and that taste itself is more complicated than we thought. Psychology also plays a role. An expert discusses what determines preferences, such as why some people like jalapeno peppers & black coffee, and some don’t.

Reading Our Masked Faces

With faces hidden behind masks for COVID-19, we are losing some of the visual information we depend on for smooth communication. Experts discuss the awkward encounters and specific looks we’re likely to misinterpret when we can’t see other people’s mouths.

Medical Notes: Week of April 26, 2020

Medical Notes: Week of April 26, 2020

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of April 26, 2020 including: A blood test for many types of cancer has been a long-sought goal of researchers, and now they’re much closer. Then, a team of faculty and students at Rice University has developed an automated bag valve mask ventilator using $300 worth of parts off the shelf. And finally, a study from the University of Michigan finds that if you talk to yourself in the third person by name, you’ll be less likely to cave in to tempting foods.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Health Apps

Mobile health apps are becoming very popular, though some are being shown to have little benefit. Few barriers exist to almost anyone entering the field whether they have health expertise or not. Privacy is also a concern. Experts discuss how people can protect themselves and find apps that do what they want.

Cancer Treatment and Sex

Cancer treatment has always focused on survival. Now doctors are increasingly focusing on side effects, including the effect of treatment on sexual function and satisfaction. However, many patients are shy about bringing up their difficulties, unaware there are ways to help. One of the nation’s top experts discusses.

Exceptional Breastfeeding

Most infants are breastfed in the US today, but breastfeeding often doesn’t look the way most of us think of it, as a result of adoption, same sex marriage, and other changes in parenting. An expert discusses some of the hurdles and challenges to getting infants the best nutrition possible.

Weight Loss Surgery for Teenagers

The proportion of severely obese teenagers continues to rise. Doctors increasingly understand that only weight loss surgery is likely to help them lose weight and avoid health consequences of obesity. But teens are often held back until they’re so heavy that even bariatric surgery isn’t enough to return them to normal weight. Experts discuss.