Broke: Patients Open Up About Money Woes

Broke: Patients Open Up About Money Woes

Millions of Americans are in financial straits due to COVID layoffs and furloughs. A doctor describes how he gets patients to talk about why they’re in trouble and what they do about it to create an eye-opening portrait.

Food Insecurity In 2020

Food Insecurity In 2020

An estimated 35 million people were food insecure last year, and the dislocations due to COVID-19 have made it much worse now. Experts discuss the health consequences of hunger, the strategies families are using to cope with economic dislocation, and one local effort typical of new volunteer programs to feed hungry children in need.

19-43 Segment 1: Climate Change = Less Nutritious Foods

Climate Change = Less Nutritious Foods

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are making crops grow bigger & faster. However, researchers have found that these crops contain significantly lower levels of protein, iron, zinc, and other important nutrients, potentially endangering nutrition for hundreds of millions of people. Experts explain the effect will get worse as CO2 levels continue to rise, and what might be done to combat the problem.

19-38 Segment 1: Heat and Violence

Heat and Violence

Violence increases as temperatures rise in the summer, but are higher temperatures a cause of aggression? New research shows that the answer is yes, especially in family conflict, and that poor neighborhoods bear the brunt of the relationship. Researchers discuss the synergy between poverty, heat, and aggression, and speculate that a warmer world in the future could be a more violent one.

High Drug Prices Lead to Drug Misuse

Millions of Americans cannot afford the medications they’ve been prescribed. Many skip doses, split pills or don’t fill prescriptions at all as a result, with sometimes even fatal consequences. But doctors are often unable to consider cost very well in prescribing, as the same drug often costs patients vastly different amounts due to insurance differences. Experts discuss the problem and what patients can do to save.

15-47 Segment 1: Food Insecurity

  Synopsis: Forty-nine million people in the US are food insecure-- often unsure they'll have three decent meals per day. The poor are also often forced to purchase foods that are poor in nutrition, which leads to high rates of obesity. Experts discuss reasons for food insecurity, outcomes, and a variety of inventive solutions. Host: … Continue reading 15-47 Segment 1: Food Insecurity