Medical Notes: Week of May 17, 2020

Medical Notes: Week of May 17, 2020

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of May 17, 2020 including: People with heart attacks and other health emergencies are avoiding the emergency room for fear of contracting COVID-19. Then, a study showing that artificial intelligence can predict with about 80 percent accuracy which moderately-infected COVID-19 patients will get worse and which ones won’t. Next, a study saying that having your first child by C-section may lead to impaired fertility. And finally, men, if your wife says she needs just a little more sleep, believe her.

17-16 Segment 1: Workplace Genetic Testing

Workers are protected from having to take genetic tests for employers, however, a bill under consideration would allow corporate wellness plans to ask workers for a test

17-09 Segment 2: Eye Transplants: A Future Reality

Doctors are taking what they’ve learned in hand transplants, especially in nerve regeneration, and applying it to eye transplant development.

a doctor gives a vaccination to a child

16-43 Segment 1: Vaccination Refusal

A new survey shows more pediatricians are experiencing vaccination refusal, and while the reasons are evolving, they still often result from misinformation.