Not Enough Sleep: Even Worse For You Than We Thought

Getting less than six hours of sleep per night has long been known to be hazardous to health, but the discovery of the mechanisms behind those hazards is leading scientists to strengthen their warnings. Too little sleep or poor sleep carries heart and brain risks that are powerful, as experts explain.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Flu

The flu’s unique ability to mutate makes it one of the toughest diseases to solve, as it evades vaccines and treatment. It also has a deadly history, which prompts fears each flu season. A noted expert discusses all about the flu and its myths.

18-48 Segment 2: Implicit Biases in Science

Most people think of science as fact-based and not as subject to bias as the rest of the world. However, studies show that gender bias is rampant in science, and that women are not taken as seriously as men, even with identical qualifications. Experts discuss the problem and possible solutions.

17-22 Segment 1: Alternatives to Opioids for Pain

The crisis with opioid painkillers is making doctors look at alternative medicine therapies for a substitute for these drugs.