Examining “Medicare For All”

Two Congressional plans, one from each side of the political spectrum, are competing to blow up the current healthcare system. Here experts examine one of them—the left’s bid to replace private insurers with a government-run single-payer plan labeled “Medicare for All.” Alternatives may include bolstering the Affordable Care Act, or getting rid of it completely.

18-17 Segment 1: Medicare Tackles the Opioid Epidemic

Experts discuss the new limits on Medicare prescriptions of opioids, and whether the limits will cause more pain for patients or if they will hinder the temptation to overprescribe.

Coming Up On Radio Health Journal Show 18-17

A look at what is coming up on Radio Health Journal show 18-17.

17-34 Segment 1: Rural Hospitals in Trouble

Experts discuss the need for rural healthcare and the close link between hospitals and community economics.

Health Insurance Protection Risk Assessment Assurance Concept

16-51 Segment 1: Healthcare Under Trump: What To Expect

Experts discuss what kind of healthcare reform to expect from the incoming Trump Administration.