Medical Notes 18-03

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of January 21, 2018.

15-26 Segment 2: Doctor’s Emotions

  Synopsis: Many doctors believe emotion is detrimental to medical practice, and many patients think doctors are cold and emotionless. But one influential physician explains why emotion is important to doctors. Host: Lynn Holley. Guest: Dr. Danielle Ofri, Associate Professor of Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and author, What Doctors Feel: How Emotions … Continue reading 15-26 Segment 2: Doctor’s Emotions

14-41 Restoring doctors’ compassion; Water and healing

Doctors have often been advised to avoid emotions regarding patients in order to keep their decisions objective.  However, this has led many patients to believe doctors don't care about them. A new movement in medicine seeks to reverse the trend and put compassion back in medicine, led by a "Healer's Art" class in many medical schools. Experts who teach the class explain. Next, water is almost synonymous with relaxation and mental cleansing. A researcher explains the mind science behind it.