Genetic Testing And Life Insurance

Genetic Testing And Life Insurance

It’s illegal for health insurers to use genetic testing to discriminate against policyholders. However, life insurers can and do discriminate on that basis if the test is in your medical file. Private testing lets patients know their risk for many diseases without landing in health files. Advocates want to make it illegal for life insurers to also discriminate on this basis, but it may end up with higher costs for everyone. Experts explain.

Examining “Medicare For All”

Two Congressional plans, one from each side of the political spectrum, are competing to blow up the current healthcare system. Here experts examine one of them—the left’s bid to replace private insurers with a government-run single-payer plan labeled “Medicare for All.” Alternatives may include bolstering the Affordable Care Act, or getting rid of it completely.

18-40 Segment 1: Health Crises and Financial Disaster

Medical bills have long been labeled the number one cause of bankruptcy in the US. A recent study has examined how medical crises produce personal financial disaster. Researchers say for the uninsured, medical bills are, indeed, a heavy burden. But for both insured and uninsured, illness or injury can cause disruption of employment that may linger for years, and from which family finances may never recover. Experts discuss causes and possible solutions to the problem.

16-30 Segment 1: Fighting Your Insurer

A new field of advocates are helping people navigate the insurance system, assisting with denials and delays. Three experts discuss how to fight your insurer and win.

16-07 Segment 2: Fixing the Healthcare Cost Spiral

American healthcare is the most expensive in the world. An expert author details some of the causes and possible solutions now being established.