Food Insecurity In 2020

Food Insecurity In 2020

An estimated 35 million people were food insecure last year, and the dislocations due to COVID-19 have made it much worse now. Experts discuss the health consequences of hunger, the strategies families are using to cope with economic dislocation, and one local effort typical of new volunteer programs to feed hungry children in need.

15-47 Segment 1: Food Insecurity

  Synopsis: Forty-nine million people in the US are food insecure-- often unsure they'll have three decent meals per day. The poor are also often forced to purchase foods that are poor in nutrition, which leads to high rates of obesity. Experts discuss reasons for food insecurity, outcomes, and a variety of inventive solutions. Host: … Continue reading 15-47 Segment 1: Food Insecurity

15-07 Story 2: Mindless Eating

  Synopsis: People eat for reasons other than satisfying hunger, and those reasons play a great role in whether we eat too much or not. Experts discuss the role of the environment in our appetites and how we may use it to stay slim. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Brian Wansink, Director, Cornell University Food … Continue reading 15-07 Story 2: Mindless Eating