Giving Cash To The Homeless

Giving Cash To The Homeless

Homelessness continues to be a stubborn problem despite many well-intentioned programs. A new experimental study finds that giving homeless people thousands of dollars in cash helps get many of them off the streets for good, calling into question many assumptions about the homeless and how they got that way. Experts discuss the new program and its implications for ending homelessness.

18-35 Segment 1: Healthcare and the Homeless

Homeless Americans have a life expectancy of only around 50, and often use the ER for primary care at a huge cost. The lack of follow-up care for their illnesses and the mental health or substance abuse disorders common in this population add up to an enormous health burden. Experts discuss how doctors on the street can improve health for the homeless and lower cost for society.

17-33 Segment 1: Criminalization of Homelessness

  In 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimated that there were more than 500,000 homeless Americans on a given single night in January. The U.S. government currently claims that, while there are high rates of homeless Americans, the number is actually decreasing. Many experts challenge that claim, saying that homelessness is … Continue reading 17-33 Segment 1: Criminalization of Homelessness

homeless man sitting on the chair

16-42 Segment 2: Brain Injury and Homelessness

Research shows many homeless men have suffered a traumatic brain injury, raising the possibility that TBIs may cause behaviors directly leading to homelessness.