Medical Notes: Week of April 12, 2020

Medical Notes: Week of April 12, 2020

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of April 12, 2020 including: A study that says taking large amounts of Ibuprofen may be worse for your liver than we thought. Then, a new study finds that there’s no harm in letting your baby "Cry it out." Then, hearing aids that help improve the thinking ability of those with hearing loss. Then, scientists have come up with a new way to deliver vaccines without getting a shot. And finally… A study showing Americans are washing their hands more often these days… and taking evasive action by using paper towels to open door handles.

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18-15 Segment 2: The Mystery of Meniere’s Disease

Experts discuss symptoms and treatments of Meniere's disease, an often misdiagnosed disorder producing loss of hearing and crippling vertigo.

17-08 Segment 2: The Decrease in Hearing Loss

A major new study shows hearing loss is decreasing in the US. Experts discuss why hearing loss is declining and caution against complacency.