Hands of an man with Dupuytren contracture disease against bright background

17-02 Segment 2: Dupuytren disease and Disabled Hands

Dupuytren disease is the most common disorder crippling hands that most people have never heard of, and it stubbornly resists treatment.

woman in deep depression lying alone

16-48 Segment 1: Inflammation and Depression

Inflammation, which is part of many illnesses and infections, has been found in brain cells and is being implicated as a cause of depression.

young woman with overweight sharing her problem with psychologist

16-48 Segment 2: The Psychology of Weight Loss Surgery

Patients who have bariatric surgery stand to lose not only lots of weight but often an identity which changes many of their relationships.


16-26 Segment 2: The Pros and Cons of Gluten-Free

One expert explains which kinds of people would find the gluten-free diet appropriate and the pitfalls to avoid.

16-21 Segment 1: Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia can be extremely serious but are treatable. However, many must fight the legacy of more primitive treatment, such as HIV and hepatitis C.