17-36 Segment 1: Behavioral Sciences at the CIA

Experts, including an active CIA analyst, describe how they us psychological techniques to predict the behavior and decisions throughout the world.

17-05 Segment 1: Autism in Girls

Doctors are learning that autism shows up differently in girls’ behavior as a result of brain differences. This leaves many girls with autism undiagnosed.

15-41 Segment 2: What Your Therapist Is Thinking

  Synopsis: Many people have no idea how or why psychotherapy works. A well-known psychotherapist describes what therapists are thinking while the patient is talking and how these thoughts guide treatment. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Dr. Drew Permut, Clinical Professor of Psychology, George Washington University and author, Inside Your Therapist’s Mind: How a Psychotherapist Thinks and … Continue reading 15-41 Segment 2: What Your Therapist Is Thinking