The Looming “Hothouse Earth”

The Looming “Hothouse Earth”

Rising global temperatures have produced extreme weather and a rising sea level. Climate scientists fear we may soon reach the point of no return, resulting in a hothouse with large portions of the planet uninhabitable. Authors of a major report on this phenomenon explain.

Planning For The Next Pandemic

Planning for the Next Pandemic

The next pandemic is only a matter of “When and what,” according to health security experts, who here discuss what’s needed to be ready for a variety of possible pandemics and infectious threats, both natural and terror.

Who Gets A Vaccine?

Who Gets A Vaccine?

Development of a Coronavirus vaccine is proceeding at a breakneck pace. What needs to happen to make sure it’s safe and effective? And if a vaccine is successfully made, who should get it first? Will enough people opt in to get back to normal life, or will COVID-19 be with us for years? Experts discuss.

Will COVID-19 Bankrupt The Healthcare System?

Will COVID-19 Bankrupt The Healthcare System?

Hospitals are scrambling to get extra equipment and outfit more beds and ICU units for COVID-19 patients. Their treatment is time-consuming and expensive. At the same time, hospitals’ lucrative elective procedure business has largely been eliminated. Will the combination bankrupt hospitals? Two experts who have studied the crisis discuss.

19-38 Segment 1: Heat and Violence

Heat and Violence

Violence increases as temperatures rise in the summer, but are higher temperatures a cause of aggression? New research shows that the answer is yes, especially in family conflict, and that poor neighborhoods bear the brunt of the relationship. Researchers discuss the synergy between poverty, heat, and aggression, and speculate that a warmer world in the future could be a more violent one.

19-37 Segment 1: Importing Canadian Drugs

Importing Canadian Drugs

The Trump Administration has proposed wholesale import of drugs from Canada to ease high US prescription drug prices. But since Canada is 1/10 th the size of the US, could it supply enough drugs to make a difference? What’s more, it appears Canadians are opposed to the plan and are devising rules to stop it. Experts discuss pro’s and con’s.

Medical Notes: September 15, 2019

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of September 15, 2019.

Medical Notes: Week of June 2, 2019

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of June 2, 2019.

Examining “Medicare For All”

Two Congressional plans, one from each side of the political spectrum, are competing to blow up the current healthcare system. Here experts examine one of them—the left’s bid to replace private insurers with a government-run single-payer plan labeled “Medicare for All.” Alternatives may include bolstering the Affordable Care Act, or getting rid of it completely.

Recruiting Patients for Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials drive medical advancement, but cancer clinical trials seldom meet their goals in recruiting patients. Experts discuss causes, consequences, and actions being taken to meet needs.

17-34 Segment 1: Rural Hospitals in Trouble

Experts discuss the need for rural healthcare and the close link between hospitals and community economics.