cheeky preschool child with golden crown on head folding arms and sticking out tongue

16-33 Segment 1: Rethinking Parenting

Author Alfie Kohn discusses why conventional wisdom about raising kids is often all wrong.

16-19 Segment 1: Egg Freezing

Freezing eggs in their 30's allows women to preserve fertility well into their 40's. Experts discuss the procedure and its uses.

16-18 Segment 2: Dealing With The Empty Nest

A psychotherapist discusses common reactions and strategies for renewing purpose living in the empty nest.

15-44 Segment 2: Almost Addicted

  Synopsis: People who use drugs, even those who are not addicted, are often destructively enabled by families. An expert explains why this occurs and what families have to do to break through their own denial as well as that of the user. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Dr. Wesley Boyd, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, … Continue reading 15-44 Segment 2: Almost Addicted

15-08 Story 1: Only Children and Their Parents

  Synopsis: Only children have been villified for more than a century as inevitably selfish, spoiled and lonely. Yet research finds that children without siblings are psychologically quite similar to those with brothers and/or sisters. Today the proportion of only children is increasing. Experts refute the myths about only children and discuss how parents can … Continue reading 15-08 Story 1: Only Children and Their Parents