Loneliness in the Elderly

Loneliness is increasing across all ages, but it’s especially noteworthy among seniors, and it can dramatically affect health. An expert geriatrician who has studied the effects of loneliness and the leader of an organization that provides friendly visitors to the isolated elderly discuss causes of increasing loneliness, its impact, and the effectiveness of visitor programs.

18-38 Segment 1: Lewy Body Dementia

The second most common form of dementia is virtually unknown to most people. However, Lewy body dementia affects 1.4 million Americans, with symptoms commonly misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease. Additional symptoms such as hallucinations and uncontrollable shaking make diagnosis and caregiving more difficult, and treatments for Alzheimer's or psychosis can often be harmful. Experts discuss.

17-47 Segment 1: Navigating the Aging Process

Two experts discuss managing the transition from complete independence as we age.

17-20 Segment 2: Intergenerational Living

Some retirement homes are offering local college students room and board in return for interaction with elderly residents.