19-37 Segment 1: Importing Canadian Drugs

Importing Canadian Drugs

The Trump Administration has proposed wholesale import of drugs from Canada to ease high US prescription drug prices. But since Canada is 1/10 th the size of the US, could it supply enough drugs to make a difference? What’s more, it appears Canadians are opposed to the plan and are devising rules to stop it. Experts discuss pro’s and con’s.

Medical Notes: September 15, 2019

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of September 15, 2019.

17-43 Segment 1: The Biology of Addiction

Scientists are learning the specific workings of the brain when it is addicted to a substance or behavior, and showing that all addictions are similar.

FDA search

17-10 Segment 1: Remaking the FDA

Some FDA commissioner candidates have proposed radical reform. Experts discuss what reform might look like and what the FDA needs to better succeed.

15-16 Story 2: The Nature of Addiction

  Synopsis: Many people have misconceptions about what addiction is and is not. A noted British journalist explains how these myths fuel the war on drugs, and alternatives that might really curb addiction and drug trafficking. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Johann Hari, author, Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs … Continue reading 15-16 Story 2: The Nature of Addiction

15-14 Story 1: Food Addiction

  Synopsis: Scientists are learning that some people can be physically addicted to certain kinds of foods, especially highly-processed foods, and suffer withdrawl when they can't have them. Experts explain the brain chemistry of food addiction, how it is virtually identical to the chemistry of drug addiction and alcoholism, and what it means for the … Continue reading 15-14 Story 1: Food Addiction