Planetary Health

Planetary Health

The new scientific field of planetary health seeks to analyze how humans are influencing the planet, which in turn rebounds to affect humans. The field encompasses more than environmental science and ecology, and helps to explain pandemics and other illnesses, mass migration, food consumption, and other public health factors. Two experts explain.

19-43 Segment 1: Climate Change = Less Nutritious Foods

Climate Change = Less Nutritious Foods

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are making crops grow bigger & faster. However, researchers have found that these crops contain significantly lower levels of protein, iron, zinc, and other important nutrients, potentially endangering nutrition for hundreds of millions of people. Experts explain the effect will get worse as CO2 levels continue to rise, and what might be done to combat the problem.

17-45 Segment 1: More Carbon Dioxide, Less Nutritious Food Crops

Rising levels of carbon dioxide are making crops grow bigger, however, these crops contain lower levels of important nutrients, endangering nutrition for millions of people.