Smart Cars And Smart Roads

Smart Cars And Smart Roads

Cars will soon be able to provide data as well as receive it. Experts explain how cars can talk with roads, traffic signals and central computers, and how roads themselves may collect data on the cars they carry. In the future, autonomous cars may use these links to greatly speed travel and make it much safer.

Covid Messaging: Why Communication Is Life And Death

Covid Messaging: Why Communication is Life and Death

Poor communication and mixed messages have contributed greatly to poor acceptance of anti-coronavirus actions such as masking and social distancing, and experts fear it may be the same with the new vaccines. Experts discuss what we’ve done right in messaging and the lessons from what we’ve done wrong.

Reading Our Masked Faces

With faces hidden behind masks for COVID-19, we are losing some of the visual information we depend on for smooth communication. Experts discuss the awkward encounters and specific looks we’re likely to misinterpret when we can’t see other people’s mouths.