School Crossing Safety

With the school year approaching, drivers need to be aware of children in crosswalks—and away from them. However, increasing distractions for both pedestrians and drivers sometimes make that difficult. A safety expert and a veteran school crossing guard—the nation’s “favorite crossing guard”-- discuss.

Medical Notes: Week of August 4, 2019

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of August 4, 2019.

Medical Notes: Week of July 21, 2019

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of July 21, 2019.

Why Parents Don’t Vaccinate

Measles had been declared eliminated in 2000, but has come roaring back because of the increasing number of people who have not been vaccinated. Parents may have legitimate fears of side effects, but claims vaccines are unsafe are not true. Experts discuss the complicated psychological reasons vaccine refusal exists despite this, and what may help change minds to promote public health.

Weight Loss Surgery for Teenagers

The proportion of severely obese teenagers continues to rise. Doctors increasingly understand that only weight loss surgery is likely to help them lose weight and avoid health consequences of obesity. But teens are often held back until they’re so heavy that even bariatric surgery isn’t enough to return them to normal weight. Experts discuss.

When Chronically Ill Kids Grow Up

Children with serious chronic diseases often have a tough time transitioning from pediatric care, which has much support built in, to adult care, which has to be managed by the patient. Experts discuss how parents can make it easier with a gradual transition.

18-46 Segment 1: Reporting “Bad Parents”

Just about anyone can report a parent to a child abuse hotline. It’s meant to protect children, but all too often, parents are reported when no abuse or neglect exists in order to retaliate for a divorce or some other grievance. And though the world is actually safer for children than it used to be, some parents are reported for merely letting children play outside or walk to school without an adult in attendance, what was once thought of as normal. Some activists say this robs children of independence. An expert and a woman who went through an unjustified child abuse investigation discuss.

18-33 Segment 1: Preventing Bullying of Kids with Disabilities

Many children are bullied, especially in the middle school years, and many parents worry about their kids, especially if the parents have experienced this themselves growing up. But kids with disabilities are about twice as likely to be victims as those without disabilities. Experts discuss the problem and provide specific how-to’s to educate parents and schools to work together to prevent bullying of these children.

Coming Up On Radio Health Journal Show 18-25

A look at what is coming up on Radio Health Journal show 18-25.

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18-09 Segment 1: Misunderstanding Autism

Experts explain common misunderstandings about autism, how they affect treatment of people with autism, and how institutions might change their approach to improve treatment.

Coming Up On Radio Health Journal Show 17-27

A look at what is coming up on Radio Health Journal show 17-27.

17-05 Segment 1: Autism in Girls

Doctors are learning that autism shows up differently in girls’ behavior as a result of brain differences. This leaves many girls with autism undiagnosed.

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16-33 Segment 1: Rethinking Parenting

Author Alfie Kohn discusses why conventional wisdom about raising kids is often all wrong.