TBI’s, Personality Change, and Marriage

Traumatic brain injury can profoundly change the injured in personality and temperament, as well as physically and cognitively. Spouses bear the brunt of these changes to the point many feel like they’re living with a stranger. Two experts and the spouse of a TBI victim discuss the many ways life changes after an injury and what can help to get them through the ordeal.

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18-16 Segment 2: Foreign Accent Syndrome

People who suddenly speak with what sounds like a foreign accent often have a brain injury due to a stroke or other trauma. Experts discuss the syndrome and chances of recovery.

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18-04 Segment 2: TBI’s and Personality Change

An expert explains traumatic brain injuries and how to prevent some of the consequences.

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16-42 Segment 2: Brain Injury and Homelessness

Research shows many homeless men have suffered a traumatic brain injury, raising the possibility that TBIs may cause behaviors directly leading to homelessness.

15-17 Story 2: Neuroplasticity

  Synopsis: Since the dawn of medicine, doctors have believed that, once injured, the brain could not heal. Now they've learned that the brain can heal, and are beginning to tap ways to make it heal better and faster. Experts explain. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Norman Doidge, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Columbia … Continue reading 15-17 Story 2: Neuroplasticity