Friends–The Most Powerful Influence on Our Lives

Research shows that friends are the most powerful people in our lives, influencing our behavior, attitudes and health even more than our parents or spouses. An expert discusses the many ways friends determine our destinies.

Autism in Girls

Experts have believed that autism affects four times as many boys as girls, but the ratio may not actually be quite that high. Doctors are learning that autism shows up differently in girls’ behavior as a result of brain differences. This leaves many girls with autism undiagnosed. Experts discuss how it appears in girls and the consequences of those differences.

17-36 Segment 1: Behavioral Sciences at the CIA

Experts, including an active CIA analyst, describe how they us psychological techniques to predict the behavior and decisions throughout the world.

Coming Up On Radio Health Journal Show 17-36

A look at what is coming up on Radio Health Journal show 17-36.