What Determines Our Food Preferences

Scientists are discovering that our food preferences are much more than a matter of taste, and that taste itself is more complicated than we thought. Psychology also plays a role. An expert discusses what determines preferences, such as why some people like jalapeno peppers & black coffee, and some don’t.

Medical Notes 18-43

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of October 28, 2018.

15-07 Story 2: Mindless Eating

  Synopsis: People eat for reasons other than satisfying hunger, and those reasons play a great role in whether we eat too much or not. Experts discuss the role of the environment in our appetites and how we may use it to stay slim. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Brian Wansink, Director, Cornell University Food … Continue reading 15-07 Story 2: Mindless Eating