19-40 Segment 1: Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

Fluoride in community drinking water has been controversial since its introduction nearly 75 years ago. A new study adds to this with evidence that pregnant women who drink fluoridated water may produce children with slightly lowered IQ. The study author and two other experts discuss what’s known and what the ramifications of the study could be for communities, for oral health, and for children.

Medical Notes: Week of June 16, 2019

A look at the top medical headlines for the week of June 16, 2019.

a doctor gives a vaccination to a child

16-43 Segment 1: Vaccination Refusal

A new survey shows more pediatricians are experiencing vaccination refusal, and while the reasons are evolving, they still often result from misinformation.

16-13 Segment 2: OTC Drugs and Tweens

Experts discuss how to educate tweens on taking OTC drugs safely.

15-04 Story 1: HPV

  Synopsis: Human papilloma viruses are responsible for many cancers, especially cervical cancer and throat cancer. Vaccines exist for the major HPV's that cause these cancers, yet relatively few eligible youths have gotten them. Experts discuss the toll of HPV and the reasons so many people avoid both vaccination and Pap tests that can detect … Continue reading 15-04 Story 1: HPV