14-46 Story 2: Biking as Transportation

  Synopsis: More and more Americans are turning to their bicycles for everyday transportation, not just recreation. Experts discuss the public policy and urban planning ideas that can make this healthy habit easier. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Jim Merrell, Campaign Director at Active Transportation Alliance, Chicago. Mark Fenton public health planning and transportation consultant in…

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14-44 Story 1: Emergency Responder Stress

  Synopsis: Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and emergency dispatchers experience events that most people couldn’t stand, and they pay for it with high levels of stress-related outcomes and PTSD. Experts describe the training received by first responders, the additional training they need, and the police/fire culture that makes it difficult to get help. Host: Reed…

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16-41 Restoring doctors’ compassion; Water and healing

Doctors have often been advised to avoid emotions regarding patients in order to keep their decisions objective.  However, this has led many patients to believe doctors don’t care about them. A new movement in medicine seeks to reverse the trend and put compassion back in medicine, led by a “Healer’s Art” class in many medical schools. Experts who teach the class explain.

Next, water is almost synonymous with relaxation and mental cleansing. A researcher explains the mind science behind it.

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