Medical Notes this week…

Many of us have the picture of a COVID pandemic winding down, but for cancer patients… treatment can still be hard to get. A survey by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network finds that the pandemic has affected one in three cancer patients’ ability to get care… and that one in six patients are still having trouble finding treatment. Screening delays for previously diagnosed cancers are at the top of the list, mostly due to staff shortages creating a lack of appointments.

Glyphosate is the world’s most heavily used herbicide and is found in roundup and many other weed killers. Evidence of adverse health effects is mounting, but there’s been little research on prenatal exposure… until now. And the news isn’t good. A study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives shows that exposure late in pregnancy significantly increases the risk of premature birth. researchers say since most people who are exposed to glyphosate are unaware of it… The public health implications could be enormous.

And finally… the home of the future may include a smart toilet to gauge your bowel health. A study presented to Digestive Disease Week 2021 shows that smart toilets can analyze a patient’s stool to help doctors understand digestive maladies such as inflammatory bowel disease. and all the patient has to do… is flush.

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