Medical Notes this week…

People who’ve had COVID-19 have a much higher risk of death from other causes long after they think they’ve gotten well. A study in the journal Nature finds that even Covid survivors who were never sick enough to be hospitalized have a 60 percent higher risk of death from other diseases for at least six months. The list of diseases affects almost every system in the body… so researchers say doctors will likely have to deal with this aftereffect of Covid for years. [Among COVID-19 survivors, an increased risk of death, serious illness – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.]

Most people assume that smoke from wildfires affects mostly the heart and lungs… but a new study in the journal JAMA Dermatology finds that it increases the odds of eczema as well. Back in November 2018, when the camp fire choked the San Francisco bay area… health clinics saw a major increase in people showing up with eczema symptoms… even in people who had never had eczema before. [First-of-its-kind study links wildfire smoke to skin disease – U.C. Berkley News.]

And finally… more than a year after the first reports of “zoom fatigue,” we’re getting more insight on who’s most affected and why. According to a study in the journal Technology, Mind and Behavior, 13 percent of women say they’re very or extremely tired after zoom calls, compared to only five percent of men. The reason, researchers say, is that little self-view window, where you can see what you look like on the call. That creates what’s called “mirror anxiety” over how you look to others…something that afflicts women more than men. [Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes.]

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