Medical Notes this week…

Doctors are preparing for the possibility of COVID-19 variants that vaccines don’t prevent. Among the new treatments is an inhaled therapy called CROWNase that targets not the virus… but human enzymes that Covid needs to reproduce. Researchers say the therapy could also be delivered as a tablet or eyedrops. It’s under development at the Illinois Institute of Technology… and scientists say the idea has possibilities in preventing many kinds of viral infections.

Pancreatic and triple-negative breast cancers often have a poor prognosis. But a new drug called ProAgio shows promise against both cancers. According to studies in the journals Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology and the Journal of Experimental Medicine, the drug attacks a barrier called stroma on tumors which normally make them resistant to medication. Doctors say clinical trials will soon be underway. 

And finally… mindfulness and meditation apps are good for reducing stress and anxiety, but they can also make you selfish. A study in the journal Psychological Science shows that it all depends on whether you see yourself as independent of others… or interdependent– the difference between saying, “I do this” or, “We do this.” The study shows that if you’ve got an independent mindset… being mindful may make you a third less likely to volunteer for a good cause. 

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