Medical Notes this week…

Most of us can’t wait until Covid is behind us… but a new survey shows that even then, most of us will continue with health precautions. A survey by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center shows that even after the pandemic is over, 72 percent of Americans plan to wear masks in public, 80 percent plan to avoid crowds, and 90 percent plan to keep up frequent hand washing and sanitizer use. Doctors are encouraged, since those habits cut down on the flu and other diseases.

Pregnant women who’ve had the coronavirus pass antibodies to their babies… who are presumably protected themselves against the virus. A study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics shows that Covid antibodies pass through the placenta efficiently… so that newborns have plenty of Covid antibodies… Sometimes even more than the mother herself.

If your gums are bleeding, dentists say to be sure to brush and floss twice a day, since it’s a possible sign of gingivitis. But now add another remedy—increase your intake of vitamin C. A study in the journal Nutrition Review shows that bleeding of the gums as well as bleeding in the eye are associated with low levels of vitamin c. doctors say that dietary recommendations for vitamin c are typically too low, since the main purpose long ago was to keep people from getting scurvy.

And finally… people blame short sleeping on a lot of things, but apparently they should also blame the moon. A new study in the journal Science Advances shows that in the last few days before a full moon, people go to bed an average of a half an hour later than the rest of the month and get about 45 minutes to an hour less sleep. And it happens both in modern urban areas and places that don’t have electricity. Scientists speculate that it’s leftover from our pre-electric past, an adaptation that allowed us to take advantage of nights with a little more light.

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