Surveys show that as many as 80 percent of people omit information, stretch the truth or outright lie to their doctors. Experts discuss why it happens, consequences, and methods that might reduce the amount of less-than-truthful answers to doctors’ questions.


  • Dr. Andrea Gurmankin-Levy, Assoc. Prof. of Psychology, Middlesex Community College
  • Dr. Maricella Moffitt, Prof. of Medicine and Director, Doctoring Curriculum, Univ. of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix.

Additional Links:

  • Middlesex Community College: Dr. Andrea Gurmankin
  • College of Medicine, Phoenix: Dr. Maricella Moffitt

One thought on “Fibbing To Your Doctor

  1. This is one of the best info I have heard!! I go to VA(Nam)and I wish not to take up too much of the Dr. time and thus she can use it towards another vet behind me!! I wan to “build up time” so they might go home early and thus be a little more happier employee thus my fellow vets get better care!! I don’t lie but less forth coming!! My Dr. never says “I got all the time in the world” or “Quick..the lobby is filling up”!!! I have no idea about “time”..I just assume…”move it”!!!!
    Here is my problem…Army Intel…10 years Law Enforcement…I know how to answer or not answer questions!! There is information and then there is’s my works…but my Dr. doesn’t have any idea!! Next visit…Katy bar the door!!! Great insight..I will pass this along!!! Harry


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