Medical Notes 21-02

Medical Notes this week…

Doctors consider people at high risk for a stroke if they have medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. But maybe they should consider whether they’re depressed as well. A study in the journal Neurology: Clinical Practice finds that moderate depression increases the stroke risk by 39 percent. And if people often feel depressed, sad or lonely, or have crying spells, they’re 54 percent more likely to have a stroke. 

Children under age two may suffer effects from antibiotics later on in childhood. A study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings shows that just one dose of antibiotics before a child’s second birthday increases the risk of a variety of conditions later on, including asthma, food allergies, celiac disease, ADHD and obesity. It took only one or two prescriptions to increase the risk for girls… while both girls and boys were at increased risk with three or four prescriptions. 

And finally…mom may have always told you to eat your vegetables, but a little meat and dairy keep people from breaking bones. A study in the journal BMC Medicine finds that vegans have a 43 percent higher risk of bone fractures than meat-eaters… and for hip fractures the risk is even higher. Researchers say vegan diets low in protein and calcium are at fault.

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