Medical Notes this week…

Nearly 40 percent of Americans are attending family gatherings with more than 10 people this weekend, despite authorities’ continuing pleas to stay home. A survey by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center shows that a majority of hosts are putting only the most basic precautions in place, such as social distancing, and asking people with Covid symptoms not to come. But a third of hosts will not ask guests to wear masks.

If you have type two diabetes… drinking green tea and coffee are good for you. A study in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care finds that four cups of green tea per day produce a 40 percent lower death risk within five years. Two cups of coffee make for a 41 percent lower death risk. and if you combine four cups of green tea with two cups of coffee… your death risk is 63 percent less. Both beverages contain a variety of beneficial compounds.

And finally… it’s seemingly a given that “mindful” people cope with stress better. But a new study in the Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin finds that’s not true. Mindfulness is described as the ability to actively focus on the present… but researchers say during stressful situations, mindful people sweat the small stuff just like the rest of us. In fact, since they’re often more caring and engaged, their cardio responses were even greater. But scientists say they felt better about the experience when it was over. 

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