Medical Notes this week…

The stress of the Coronavirus pandemic is stressing us out and—no surprise—a new study shows our diets are suffering as a result. The study in the European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education finds that nearly a third of people admit their diet has worsened… and that people who are stressed are much more likely to have disrupted eating patterns. Researchers say a quarter of us react to pandemic stress by skipping meals and nearly 40 percent overeat.

Speaking of stress, one group that’s especially prone to it right now is teachers… and when teachers are stressed, their students are more likely to get suspended. A study in the journal School Psychology Review finds that when teachers are having a bad day, students pick up on it and are more likely to behave badly… resulting in more discipline. Researchers say new teachers especially need more support, since nearly half of all teachers leave the field within the first five years.

And finally… eye doctors say they’re getting an influx of patients asking about eye irritation called “mask eye.” It’s actually an abnormal drying of the eye suffered by people who wear face masks long hours every day. The problem, according to the UK College of Optometrists, is that masks are worn too loosely at the top, so as people breathe out, air is directed over the eyes, drying them out. Doctors say eye drops can help… but you should also be sure masks are tight at the top, so air goes out the sides instead.

One thought on “Medical Notes: Week of October 25, 2020

  1. Given Covid and the mental distress associated with this, there are many who may be offered the procedure called ECT/electroshock. Once you learn the information please have conversations about the damages from this so others are made aware. I have videos under my name on You tube and Vimeo. The videos talk about the need to be entered into TBI programs following ECT. They also talk about the possibility of additional types of lawsuits in addition to the product liability suit that is taking place around the devices used in ECT. There is no FDA testing for safety or even effectiveness, but it generates billions annually in the US alone. CA courts have proved brain injuries as base-line, but long-term outcomes of electrical trauma, because that is what this is, can also include CTE and ALS. Speak out so others are made aware of this harm as this practice has greatly increased. No longer just for depression nor used as a last resort. There is an increase in suicide following these repeated traumatic brain injuries. Outcomes from ECT are no different than the NFL injuries, just a different mechanism of trauma. This is also being used on children and our Veterans. Here is a video about testing needed following ECT:

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