Medical Notes this week…

As we learn more about the effects of the coronavirus, it seems that almost no organ is untouched. Now studies in the journals European Urology and medRxiv find that the virus can damage the testicles. Scientists say sperm-producing cells appeared ballooned in 80 percent of cell samples examined from men who had recovered from COVID-19. There’s no word yet on whether that affects fertility, but researchers say couples trying to get pregnant after a covid diagnosis should probably take it into consideration.

About a quarter of people who receive an organ transplant develop antibodies that can damage the new organ or cause rejection. Now doctors at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have discovered a way to predict who is likely to be affected… and possibly a way to prevent it. Scientists say those people have a low level of a certain type of t-cell in the blood…which ordinarily combats rejection. They say in the future, people low in t-cells might receive infusions to help keep the organ.

And finally… if social media makes you mad, it turns out that its heaviest users want you to feel that way. A study in the journal Addictive Behaviors Reports finds that the biggest users of facebook and snapchat tend to have personalities that enjoy angering and humiliating others. Researchers say users who are on the sites much more than average have a desire to be cruel, callous, and use others for personal gain… traits associated with people who are narcissists and psychopaths.

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